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OPTI Studio is an independant product and design partner for the next generation of optimistic founders and early-stage startups.

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Based in Paris, France.

We partner with startups and founders to incubate new ideas and build better products with confidence, turning optimistic visions into optimized realities.

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Products & Services

Blending strategy with creativity, we serve as an optimistic change agent, providing both services and products to actualize transformative visions.

Discovery & Advisory

From product discovery
to product optimization.

The journey starts here.

We initiate the process with a complimentary discovery call to dive into your project's specifics. Post-kickoff, we align on your objectives, vision, and desired outcomes. Together, we shape strategic product actions and craft design solutions that are not only unique to your project but also strategically aligned with your goals.

Take optimistic action

Go from 0 1

Spark of Optimism: Ideas Sprint Program

We dive deep into your idea, product, industry, and customer behaviors to uncover new opportunities and generate winning strategies.

What’s included:

  • - Free 30 minute discovery call
  • - Stakeholder alignment
  • - Product audit & heuristic evaluation

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Brands and products designed
with optimism in mind.

We offer full-service design solutions at fixed rates, allowing you to get started in minutes. We seamlessly blend optimism and design expertise to elevate your brand and product to new heights.



OPTI Design | Brand & product design subscriptions

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